Industrial Development in Africa

Products Adding to Sustainable Industrial Development in Africa

While most people agree that industrial development and growth are essential for the economic viability and reduction of poverty in many countries throughout Africa, it is necessary for that development to be sustainable and viable at the same time.  Africa tends to be very focused on agriculture and mining, and this doesn’t produce a wide income margin for the general population.  

Instead, the focus is narrow and only limited benefits are produced for those living in rural areas.  It is therefore necessary to promote entrepreneurship within the industrial development landscape, and micro, small and medium enterprises are needed to provide economic advantages to a greater range of people.  This means that an alternative means of income is provided for the rural population, and they can take advantage of products produced by agriculture and mining to sustain themselves, and to benefit from new employment opportunities. 

There is now a real need to stimulate growth of certain sectors of industrial development in Africa, and distribution of products that are not locally easily available is something that could serve as a good starting point.  It is also necessary for these products to be produced, manufactured, transported, stored and disposed of in environmentally friendly ways, in order to minimise environmental damage.  Nobody will benefit in the long term from neglecting important environmental aspects in favour of industrial or economic development on any scale in Africa, or for that matter, anywhere else.

Rapid industrialisation that is not mindfully and carefully executed may have disastrous consequences for the environment, and for those who depend on the natural resources in these environments.  All business development and expansion have to be undertaken in a manner that is sustainable in the long and short term, in order to gain the most benefit for the larger population.  It is therefore important that measures are put in place to ensure sustainable industrial development that is also environmentally friendly in Africa.

In order to do this, there are certain facts that have to be understood and vital principles that must be applied.  It is essential that all the implications of industrial processes on the local environment are understood, and that a life cycle approach has to be taken.  There has to be a strong focus on the recycling and reusing of products or components, and environmental assessments have to be done and accountability assigned for environmental matters.  Practices have to be implemented that ensure the minimisation of waste, and promote cleaner technologies and products.  It is consequently vital that operations choose environmentally friendly products to begin with.

At SIB, we are passionate about supporting industrial development in Africa by providing distribution opportunities for distributors throughout the continent.  Our strong commitment to sustainability empowers us to grow and promote economic and industrial development with our Green Leaf loyalty programme, and we believe that we are on the forefront of the upliftment and industrialisation of Africa.

To find out more about our products and how you can become a distributor of good quality stock, and be a beneficiary of our distribution network, give our team a call today!

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