Food Grade Chemicals

SIB:  for Food Grade Chemicals at Bulk Discount

At SIB, we are the leading importer of food grade chemicals in South Africa.  We also stock industrial products and distribute our wide range of industrial products and services across the African continent with the assistance of our comprehensive network of distributors.

Food grade chemicals are defined as chemicals that adhere to various requirements, in order to make them safe to ingest, such as dyes, food additives and waxes that are used in industrial and other products.  For example, food grade wax can be used to cover food in a supermarket, even though it is not essentially edible.  Food grade chemicals are produced in a particular way, in order to avoid harming people or the environment, and this often depends on how pure the manufacturing process is.  Different rules govern the production of these chemicals in different areas, and these products are strictly regulated to ensure compliance to legislative requirements.

In addition to being a very effective importer and distributor of food grade chemicals, we also offer other services and products.

Inventory Management Solutions

Our industrial stock management solutions help our clients to effectively manage their stock levels and inventory.  The objective is to eliminate unnecessary waste of product and money due to overstocking, and helps to keep stock levels at levels conducive to optimal productivity.  Our inventory system is made to deal with the specific needs of the client and is used very effectively to bring down costs and to increase effectiveness.  It also helps to focus on environmentally friendly products, in order to reduce the risk of non-compliance to environmental legislation.

Bulk Contract Pricing

We offer a service that deals with all the logistics and requirements of moving or importing products.  This service provides a one-stop shop that sees the entire process through, from shipment all the way to delivery.  A bulk contract pricing structure has been developed that enables us to widen our network of distributors, and this also allows us to offer products to our distributors at lower prices.  This translates into more profit for our distributor network.  We also carry out packaging of dangerous goods, get clearance certificates where required, and provide excellent and reliable freight services.

Distributor Development

We support and develop the distributors in our network wherever possible through training and marketing services.  Whether you are a distributor of industrial products or food grade products, we are there to help your business to flourish and we are committed to the support and development of African operations.

To find out more about our services and products, please give our team a call today!

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