Environmental Compliance

Inventory Management System that Focuses on Environmental Compliance

Do you own a business that relies on inventory control in order to be efficient and effective? There are various laws, regulations and standards in place that make up environmental compliance for all businesses operating in all industries. A business that wants to ensure that it is environmentally compliant will need to consider how their operations and products affect public health, pollution control, land use and the conservation of natural resources.  At Safomar Industrial Brands (Pty) Ltd, we believe offer an inventory management service that focuses on environmental compliance as well as various other matters such as stock write offs, reducing spend on raw materials and reducing personnel and inventory costs. 

Our inventory management service is designed to assist business owner’s to avoid wasting money by having excess stock sitting on shelves and also to ensure that you are aren’t stuck with too little stock when it is needed. We offer this service by supplying and managing your entire procurement process. In order to reduce your operating costs and improve efficiency within your business, we deliver a combination of top-quality products and technology. Our management services are specifically designed to ensure that your service and product requirements are met effectively and efficiently.

When it comes to be being environmentally compliant, with the assistance of Safomar Industrial Brands (Pty) Ltd, you can achieve this with ease. Our team will ensure that every precaution is taken to guarantee that your inventory needs are met without breaching any regulations and standards in place within your particular industry. 

Why should you trust Safomar Industrial Brands (Pty) Ltd to handle your inventory and procurement procedures? We are a leading importer, distributor and stockist of some of the world’s most premium industrial products. Our business was founded over 25 years ago and currently has reliable distributors operating across Africa. Our very own Inventory Management Solutions system is currently used in businesses across 20 different locations. Our system’s effectiveness is able to save these businesses time and money and ensures that owners and managers can divert their attention elsewhere, such as the core objectives and functions of the company.

If you would like to ensure environmental compliance of your business and would like to ensure that our inventory control systems are running efficiently and effectively, then what we have to offer at Safomar Industrial Brands will certainly impress. For more information and advice, contact us via email or telephone at your earliest convenience. 

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