Environmental Compliance

Environmental Compliance – Now One of the Biggest Worldwide Business Battles

Whether local or international, getting businesses to become and to remain environmentally compliant is now one of the biggest challenges that face the world today.  Environmental legislation is getting more stringent and many large corporates are still unable to achieve the high standards set by the variety of environmental regulations.  Environmental compliance is not easily achieved and bodies, such as the ISO (International Standards Organisation), work hard to encourage companies to achieve the environmental standards of ISO 14000, in order to become compliant.  

Organisations have to rework many aspects of their processes in order to decrease their environmental impact and to ensure that they do not cause any further damage to the environment.  Products that are considered toxic to the environment are being ousted in favour of green products, and processes that result in too many toxic emissions are being changed to become greener.  There is now legislation in place that holds company directors personally responsible for environmental damage caused by their companies on their watch, which means that they could be liable to fines or jail terms in their personal capacity.  This forces organisations to spend a lot of money on the improvement of their processes and products, in order to reach environmental compliance.  

Regardless of the type of business you are in, it is now important that attention is being paid to the impact of the business on the environment, and that measures are put in place to reduce environmental damage.  Business owners and directors now have to consider how their business processes affect the world around them, impacts on public health, increase pollution or affect ground and water quality.  The disposal of products and waste is particularly important, as landfill space becomes scarcer and leeching of toxins from containers into groundwater and earth is reaching problematic levels.

At SIB (Pty) Ltd, we provide an inventory management service that helps business owners to reduce stock wastage, to reduce reliance on staff and to manage their procurement processes better, while still keeping environmental compliance in mind.  Our service helps to bring down operating costs and ensures that your stock needs are met at all times.  We take great care to ensure that environmental compliance is maintained throughout these processes and that your business remains within the boundaries of environmental legislation and regulations for a variety of industries.

We have been in the business of importing and distribution of world-class products used in industry for over twenty five years, and we partner with a selection of reliable companies across Africa to ensure that we are in a position to provide your business with effective inventory control.  This leaves business owners free to concentrate on business critical aspects, and improve overall productivity and profit margins.

If you would like to learn more about our services and how we can help your business to remain environmentally compliant with highly effective inventory control systems, give our expert team a call today.  The knowledge of our consultants and our extremely effective systems could be just what your business needs to operate more effectively!

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